Randy’s Donuts is now The Big Donut!

Randy’s Donuts is an iconic donut shop in Los Angeles.  You might recognize it from this famous scene from Iron Man 2.  Well, the Disney animators took inspiration from this, and implemented it in their concept art for The Big Donut, which is featured prominently in Little Rodentia.

As seen in concept art (when Nick was the one being chased),

To the final film, where Judy went after Weaselton.

So now, in celebration of the One-Year Anniversary of Zootopia’s release, Randy’s Donuts has taken on the appearance of Little Rodentia’s favorite donut shop.  Art imitates life, and now life imitates art too.  How cool is that?

The Zootopia-themed display will be up all weekend, so if you live in that part of California, you should definitely give it a try!  Especially tomorrow, since that’s the actual one-year anniversary!

You can find directions and see the official site (and menu) on RandysDonuts.com!

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  1. This one had the pleasure of attending the event, sharing a photo with Rich Moore and Nate Torrance, along with Phil Johnston. There were special Big Donut donuts (chocolate with rainbow sprinkles and "THE BIG DONUT" icing words) offered to all attendees, a trivia contest for prizes, plus giveaways for everyone. All in all, a very exciting experience.

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