Zootopia Playtime Stories? I honestly don’t know what to call them, but apparently they’re a thing.

Remember when you were a kid, and you’d make up stories with the toys you’re playing with as you go?  If the toys were based on a movie or TV show then you’d loosely base the characters on that, but eventually you’d just use them for whatever you wanted.  It’s what inspired the opening scene of Toy Story.  You know, where Andy is playing with his toys and has Mr. Potato Head robbing the bank and Woody comes to the rescue?  And everything just keeps escalating and escalating until eventually the good guys win and everyone is happy?

Well, apparently this sort of playtime is its own genre on Youtube.  And they have millions and millions of views.

I’m dead serious.

And you know what? While it was baffling at first, I’m okay with this.  This is exactly the sort of thing toys are meant to be used for- inspiring imagination.  And if a kid is bored and wants something to do but you can’t actually play with toys at the moment (like, say, you’re in a car), this sort of video is the perfect thing to keep them happy and entertained.  It gives the feeling of playtime with the same sort of story style that kids come up with.

We may end up featuring a couple of these on the site, since apparently Zootopia is especially popular in this genre.  You hear that, Disney?  Your Zootopia toys are super popular!  Make more merchandise!

Check out one of these stories from the channel ToysReviewToys, called “Stolen Lunch”, after the break.

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  1. Yup- I've seen some of these floating around YouTube searches. They're not very different from recorded Minecraft adventures with friends, or these adorable little voiced-over dwarf hamster adventure videos I found that we're presumably made for little kids, but can be appreciated by anyone with a love of fuzzy animals.

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