TGWeaver’s “The Late Stake” gets animated! (ZNN Appropriate Version)

[Rated M-16]

There was a comic a while ago by TGWeaver that we wanted to feature on ZNN.  Then it took a turn for the NSFW.  That comic, “The Late Stake” has not only been dubbed- it’s been animated!

Don’t worry, this one ends right before it gets raunchy.   Gotta keep it Youtube-Friendly.  (Which is great because ZNN can actually feature it!)

 Massive props to 4Ball for the animation- it really does look like TGWeaver’s style.  Also, the VA’s who played Nick and Judy, FeraLady and Captain Wilde, did a phenomenal job!

Check it out after the break!


  1. Of all the nsfw Zootopia comics, this is my favorite. The animation here is quite good. Voice acting…..ehhhh…. So is there eventually going to be a full, raunchy version? Seems kind of pointless to end where it ends.

    • lets just put it this way, if the rest of the comic was in this video you'd see why its rated this way. if not for the video its self than for anyone curious enough to "go down the rabbit hole" and find the original artists content…

    • Everything from weaver (except the creature crawling) gets an M-16 rating. As it is, this is the sort of thing we would give a fanfic an M-16 Rating for- just for the implication.

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