Comic: The Lastingness, Episode 1 (Original by yuki-zakuro) [UPDATED]

Back in July, ZNN featured a monster of a comic, After the Case, that needed to be split up into four parts on account of its length. Well, now comes a comic that puts it to shame! Lay your eyes on The Lastingness, currently 5 episodes totaling 206 pages, and the artist plans on doing 5 more episodes! This amazing comic covers a movie-length story, full of mistrust, intrigue and adventure. Our plan is to post one full episode every 4 weeks, so stay tuned!

This is a gigantic comic, hundreds of pages long, so we’ll be posting this in several episodes.  You’re currently at Episode 1, and you can find the other episodes below:

Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4

Thanks to yuki-zakuro for making the original comic and for providing textless versions of the pages, and to LMAbacus for translating and editing it!  Check out the original over on Pixiv, and the translated version over on imgur or after the break!  As usual for translated comics, read from right to left!

Edit: The artist let us know that she would prefer to have one post per episode, so here’s the full, up-to-date version of The Lastingness Episode 1!


  1. Wow! This is very impressive. Don't know how I missed it. Unless this is the first translated version available. I look forward to more episodes.

  2. Huh! Great comics!. We looks Nick's "business expertise" and Judy dexterity in this great story, and beautiful drawings. I wait this story continue 🙂 (Sorry, my english not well)

  3. Okay, did anyone else imagine Judy being voiced by Wendee Lee (doing her Faye Valentine voice) while she's in that dress and those sunglasses?

    That first part may or may not be just me, but I'm fairly sure this second part is just me: imagining Judy with that voice made me start imagining Nick being voiced by Steve Blum (doing his Spike Spiegel voice), which caused me to start giggling nonstop, haha

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