Story: Nick Needs a Family

Red Velvet Panda

[Rating T13][Drama][Romance][Humor]

A light-hearted story about Judy and Nick trying to figure out how best to start a family when outside pressures are trying to strangle the relationship before it even starts. However, a current undertone of menace and intrigue keeps readers wanting to know more about what and who could possibly be targeting Judy and Nick specifically because of their unique pred-prey relationship. ~DarkFlameWolf

Author: PullTogether

Description :
When new clues surface in a cold case involving Nick’s missing father, Nick and Judy race against the clock to find him, but will their budding relationship survive? Sequel to Judy Jumps in Headfirst.

Additional Tags: Oh boy, PullTogether is back to make us laugh… and hopefully not cry this time.  I still haven’t completely forgiven him for Lives Unraveled…


  1. I wondered why that name seemed familiar. I read most of PullTogether's works and let me tell you, I cried. Oh how I cried. I'm not sure I want to go back that universe (alternate or not). I just don't want to get hurt again.

    But seriously, those stories are freaking tear jerkers. Good luck to all who read those excellent works. *shudders*

    • Aww. I hope you did at least read Judy Jumps in Headfirst. Seriously, it's the funniest least traumatic thing I've written. Oh and the Donut Thief chapter from my plot bunny story, that's funny too. I swear I don't just write drama!

  2. Cripes–the guy writes ONE cautionary tail (pun intended) and everyone freaks out! Get it together, people!! You can tell someone's a good writer when they make you face emotions you might not otherwise want to face. News Flash: BAD THINGS HAPPEN…even to good bunnies. Deep breathes–in and hold…now release. Better? Now back to work.

    (this place and the Fandom is soooo much fun!)

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