Comic: Humbug (original by KungFuFreak07)

Owl City is a truly marvelous musician.  If you haven’t heard the song “Humbug” from his newest christmas album, I suggest you do so immediately- link is right here.  In fact, I recommend you read this comic while listening to it in the background, because together, they are simply perfect.

Both the song and this comic, which comes to us from KungFuFreak07, manage to perfectly capture that feeling of trying to find the one you love a perfect gift… and failing.  Seriously, gift giving can be stressful.  Even if you know them super well, it’s hard to find something that they would want- especially a gift that conveys how you feel about them.  But when all is said and done, what matters is the love you have for each other, be it familial, friendly, or romantic.

Check out the original comic on Deviantart, or after the break!


  1. Don't do christmas myself, but I sincerely enjoyed this comic, because that is exactly what Nick would go through trying to find Judy something…he'd end up doing the same thing around her birthday, special dates, etc…

  2. Everytime I think about Owl City this comic goes through my head.
    Amazing and adorable comic, and perfect reading it again while the song plays.

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