Merry Christmas! (Animation by Chayadol Lomtong)

Happy Boxing Day everyone!  I hope you all had a absolutely spectacular Christmas yesterday.  I know I certainly did.  My sister even got me some custom candy molds so I can make my own Pawpsicles!

Adding to the Christmas cheer is the cute animation by Chayadol Lomtong, who is currently studying animation in college.  I seriously love this.  I’ve been hoping that the Zootopia fandom would begin to get an animation scene, but knowing how long it takes to animate something (especially something as complicated as hand-drawn 2D or 3D animation), I didn’t get my hopes too high.  Thank you for this gift of hope for more Zootopia animations in the future!

You can find the original post over on tumblr, watch it after the break!


  1. Will Nick ever learn not to mess around with Judy like that? Heh! Merry Christmas, Andy! And amazing animation, Chayadol! Hopefully, you get a degree for this kind of work.

  2. I honestly hate this type of fanart that depicts Judy as being abusive. I guess people think it's okay because it's female on male but seeing others call this type of thing "adorable" is a little disturbing…

  3. I understand where you're coming from. But we all know that Judy would never hurt Nick badly. Just in a playful way. Like how Nick sometimes teased her. However, you're right. It's never OK to cause physical harm to anyone.

  4. grate work to be honest the cloest iv seen to this……skill i ges what do call it?………..hemem eneway the closest iv seen to this skill is a what dose the fox say short clep sooo hemem what im thing to say is AWESOME WORK

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