Oh M Goodness, this 2D Animated Nick looks AMAZING!

Just… just look at that!  That, ladies and gentlemen, is Nicholas Piberius Wilde, just as glorious in 2D as he is in 3D!  This was all done by a single animation student, Truica Madalin, in their spare time.  Let’s give them a round of applause!  2D animation is incredibly tough, especially if they can make it look this smooth!

You can find the original post on their Tumblr blog, Truicamblr, where they have many other awesome animation sketches and posters based on Disney and original projects!  Here’s hoping they get a fantastic job at a great animation studio when they finish up their education!  (hint, hint, Disney, you should get on that.)


  1. Thanks for the article and for helping me get noticed by Disney! Ha, that would be nice. And actually I'm a self-taught student of animation and graphic design student at University of Arts in Romania. Hope to create more 2D animations soon!

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