Merch Review: Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde figures by Tomy Toys

Hey! Surrika here, back with another review! This time around I will be reviewing 2 sets of figures that are both manufactured by the company, Tomy.  Each set contains 1 figure of Nick and Judy.  Now, these figures are very similar, but I’m going to go more in-depth in spotting the differences.

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First up, let’s take a look at both versions of our favorite cop, Judy Hopps.

Standard Edition
Limited Edition

First up, I will talk about the Judy figures and compare the “standard” quality figures to the limited edition figures.

As you can see in the pictures, they both use the exact same mould. What this means is at their base level, both figures are exactly the same. One of the most obvious pluses to the limited edition figures would be the painstaking amount of detail its mould has.

But I have noticed that most of this “Detailing” that is on the limited edition figures is on the standard figures also- the only difference is the details have been painted to match the characters. For example, Judy’s little steel knee-pads: the standard edition quite visibly has them, but only on the limited run are they painted. They also took the time to paint the markings correctly, such as Judy’s black tipped ears even going as far to colour her inner ear lobes.

But my favourite thing about the limited edition figures is that they are flocked. For those who don’t know what “flocking” is in toy production, it means that they took very small pieces of fibre and ran them over the figures. So, it gives the figures a very soft and fuzzy feeling- not to mention it makes them look amazing.

One difference I want to highlight, which makes no sense to me, is this: why does the standard edition give Judy such big black soulless eyes? Not to mention they stole her eyebrows!  Now how will she make all those cute adorable expressions?

Speaking of expressive eyebrows, let’s move on to my second favorite fox (Sorry Wilde, but Finnick is #1 in my book!)


Standard Edition
Limited Edition

Now, the standard edition was nice enough to leave him with his eyebrows. After all, how else would he be able to pull of that smarmy Dreamworks face in every piece of merchandise he is featured in?

In terms of marking, the standard edition Nick actually gets a few points over the Judy figure because they made his ears darker at the tip.  Good job on that, 10 points to Tomy’s.

Where this one mostly falls apart is his shirt. Do I even need to point it out?  The leafy pattern on his shirt is actually on the standard edition, but it’s very faint and almost impossible to see without shining a bright light on them and putting your eye right up next to it. It’s like they were painting guidelines for the limited run figures.

The other detail it is missing is the striped pattern on his tie.  Now this detail I have no idea why they left out of the standard edition figures, because even Judy’s police badge on the standard figure is painted correctly. Also, his chin is flocked the correct colour on the limited edition figures.

All in all, the limited edition figures are just better in quality.  In fact, they make the standard edition figures look rushed and lazy, as if their only purpose is to make the limited edition figures look 100 times better in comparison.

Unfortunately, you might have to go with the standard figures.  I am not exaggerating when I said the limited editions were in fact, limited editions. These were a nightmare to get a hold of because not only are they exclusive to Toys R Us stores, and as far as I’m aware, they are only sold in america and went out of stock pretty quickly. I can’t say I am surprised, with how high quality the limited edition figures are. I had to get mine via e-bay at a marked up price.

So if you want the limited edition figures, at this rate you might have to cross your fingers and hope that someone puts them up for resale. Or hope that Tomy makes more of them.

You can still get the standard edition, if you really want it.  I personally wouldn’t recommend it, but given how much of a headache it was to get my hands on the limited edition versions… well, good luck!

Thanks for reading my review! This is Surrika, your friendly neighbourhood Meerkat, signing out!


  1. Yeah the standard edition is definitely atrocious for me, especially for Nick, but the limited edition is totally worth it (Mostly for Nick again, he looks better done than Judy). I wish I could spend money on these, someone will probably sell them online if they're not officially available anymore. Very nice review tho' I like the honesty 🙂

  2. It's funny how the statuettes I have are much better painted than these figures, which I did buy because one day I want to do a repaint on them.

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