Halloween Drawing Challenge and Giveaway RESULTS!!!

Halloween at Zootopia by DOL2006
Source [1]

We gave the community one week to show us what you could do, and boy, did you deliver! We got submissions from first-time artists to experienced pros!  I have to say, it’s great to see all sorts of people taking the challenge.  This community embodies the spirit of “Try Everything” like none other!

Big thanks to SteamPoweredFoxes and the Zootopians facebook page for making this possible!

As promised, we selected one of these pieces at random to win a copy of The Art of Zootopia, and the winner is: Vincent Nguyen!  We have contacted him about it, and will be mailing that out shortly!  You can see his piece, An Akazooki Halloween, down below.  Congratulations!

Also, be sure to check out Fifteen Halloweens Between, a gorgeous piece by TheWyvernsWeaver with a short story by Kulkum.  It’s the 6th image in this set.

Check out all the awesome submissions after the break!

Zootopia and The Polter-Zoo (version) by FairytalesArtist
Source [2]

Zootopia Halloween Attack of the 50 foot Gideon by FairytalesArtist
Source [3]

Zootopia Halloween Beetleweaselton by FairytalesArtist
Source [4]

Halloween Photo by Jeremiah Elcock
Source [5]

Fifteen Halloweens Between by TheWyvernsWeaver
Source [6]

Resident Evil Zootopia Edition by TerenceTeh
Source [7]

Alice and the Mad Hatter by Uneventful Waffle
Source [8]

Haunted Mansion by Dr. Xandro
Source [9]

Ghostbusting by Dr. Xandro
Source [10]

Pirates of the Carribbean by Dr. Xandro
Source [11]

Judy the Witch by scosplash
Source [12]

The Hunt for El Chupacabra by Kendall Collins
Source [13]

The Phantom Freight Train by Kendall Collins
Source [14]

Double Double by Nathan Benavidez
Source [15]

Happy Halloween! by tech-e-coyote2772
Source [16]

Going as each other by alexboehm55144
Source [17]

On the way to the ZPD Halloween Party by 0815Zeiron
Source [18]

Nick as Demon Hanzo by Ookamiden
Source [19]

Nick Y Judy Halloween by dariamorgan
Source [20]

Judy as Maleficent by dariamorgan
Source [21]

Haunted Mansion by Joshua Kittrellja
Source [22]

Don’t Scare me like that! by DDesuka
Source [23]
Happy Halloween Let’s Cosplay!!! by roletech
Source [24]

An Akazooki Halloween by Vincent Nguyen
Source [25]

Halloween 2016 by Wesley-J-Woodpecker
Source [26]

We Don’t Care by Jed Martinez
Source [27]

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