Art of the Day #63: Trick or Treat!

Official Disney Zootopia Halloween Party by Disney Japan
Source [1]

Happy Halloween!  Sure, it’s not technically Halloween yet, but most people will be having their Halloween parties tonight and tomorrow, so let’s get in the spirit!  We’ve got all sorts of spooks and scares for ya tonight- so many that it calls for two AotD posts in one day!

…What?  We couldn’t NOT cover Judy and Nick Day!

As a reminder, we’re doing a Halloween Art Challenge with the Zootopians facebook page!  Send us your Halloween-themed art and you’ll be entered to win a brand-new copy of The Art of Zootopia!

Trick or Treat after the break!

Zootopia Halloween Nickula the vampire fox by FairytalesArtist
Source [2]

Inktober 24: Nick y Judy Darkness by vicockart
Source [3]

「お菓子かイタズラか私か」 by @mituhatiko
Source [4]

ハロウィン魔女っ子ジュディ🐰🎃 by @CompMq
Source [5]

[Unknown Title] by @CompMq
Source [6]

更新吸血鬼尼克 快咬我嗷嗷嗷嗷!!! by [NOTFOUND]
Source [7]

🎃🎃 by @mortic_ox
Source [8]

吸血鬼とコウモリ! by @kurokuma824
Source [9]

ハロウィンニクジュディジャック🎃 by @emo_chiwainu
Source [10]

[Unknown Title] by @pafull0
Source [11]

水彩色鉛筆試したら見事失敗したので供養 by @ydk1226
Source [12]

ツイート仕直し、ハロウィン用に。 by @yuetopian
Source [13]

[Unknown Title] by @tan_po_po_tan
Source [14]

いも部お迎えしてきました(╮╯╭)可愛いイモー by @mozu56
Source [15]

You’re invited to a masquerade. by @poki_o_o_o
Source [16]

[Unknown Title] by @paonpaon1029
Source [17]

Trick or Treat!(ハロウィン悪魔ジュディ) by @6_0_km
Source [18]

アイコンかえたよ by @ydk1226
Source [19]

ハッピーハロウィンだバカヤロー!! by @DrapZootopia
Source [20]


  1. Image number nine brings back memories. I made my son the boy's version of the costume Judy is wearing when he was three…twenty five years ago. I think it was the same size, in fact.

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