Art of the Day #60

To The ZPD! by Ruffu
Source [1]

Is this what happens when the ZPD runs into budget cuts? Because that vehicle is definitely not standard police issue. And I’m pretty sure you need a special type of license to go that fast on a public street.  Just sayin, Judy.

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Hauser and Cake by ThankU830309
Source [2]

Nick and Judy by Neverjay
Source [3]

Flash the Sloth by artbyraceuh
Source [4]

Zootopia by YongE
Source [5]

🎶 Born to hand-jive, baby🎶 by andyourteeth
Source [6]

Falling down in resonance by Kitsunekotaro
Source [7]

Mr Big by Sephiansem
Source [9]

ツイログ色鉛筆ズートピア詰め by ニア
Source [10]

ついったログ5 by モコ
Source [11]

TwitterLog④ by 侑加
Source [12]

Armrest by XPlaysX
Source [13]

Chief Bogo by chumbagel
Source [14]

Nick and Judy 03 by TheLivingShadow
Source [15]

Mr Bigs – Zootopia by Wazaga
Source [16]

ずとぴ と ふぁいどり by のらり
Source [17]

ジュディとニック【ズートピア】 by プッチンパポペ
Source [18]

ズートピア Zootopia by zdrer456
Source [19]

[Title Unknown] by @rakusumomo
Source [20]

Zootopia Fanart by VoidShark
Source [21]

Summer Vacation by oLEEDUEOLo
Source [22]

You can’t make me Dance around by nicolaswildes
Source [23]

Afternoon Coffee by Aka-Shiro
Source [24]

Judy Hopps by gin-1994
Source [25]


  1. re: To The ZPD – I'm pretty sure that bike isn't official ZPD issue.
    re: Nick and Judy 03 – Nick is showing remarkable restraint. Judy is practically daring him to touch it. 🙂

  2. Interestingly, I think Nick would be the biker type.

    He's shown to be riding a snowbike in the concept arts, and in the Zootopia Graphic Novel, he can be seen riding a scooter at breakneck speed…

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