Animation: Nick and The Box (by Tanya Buka)

I absolutely love all the incredible animation this fandom is producing.  Seriously Disney, Zootopia would work phenomenally as a 2D animated show.  Just hire people like Turica MadalinJesus AcHe, and Tanya Buka here, and you’ll be all set!*

Also, before you ask what Judy was doing, I’m more inclined to believe it’s Jack in the box.  (see what I did there?)
Check out this great animation on Deviantart, or see the youtube version of it after the break!  Tanya Buka also provided a making-of video, so if you want to see just how someone goes about creating something like this, check that out as well!

*Though, if Disney doesn’t hire any of you, let me know- ZNN would be more than glad to have you on the team!


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