ZMV: Centuries

雑描きlog4 by lustaking

It was kinda tricky to find a cover image to go with this song, but I’d say that this one by Lustaking certainly fits the bill.

I’m normally the sort of person who prefers HD video over lower definitions, but this video took me by surprise.  The mix of low-res video with some higher resolution material works with the Fall Out Boy music in my opinion.  It’s like you’re remembering something from a long time ago, and it’s kinda fuzzy, but still clear in your mind.

Also, keep in mind that this was made back in May, when we didn’t have any HD video to use.  Good job working with what you had, Hopeful Clumsy.  Let’s see what you do in the future.

Check out the video after the break.


  1. I really think this is one of the few ZMVs that takes Zootopia out of the present and treats it as the timeless classic it will be.
    *It'll go down in history, and I'll remember Zootopia for centuries. lol :D*

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