Original Music: Making a Better Place (by Valesi)


Ah, music.  Here we have for you a new original song by Valesi called “Making a Better Place”.  It’s a very soothing piano piece, like the sort that would be played in a classical concert hall alongside music by Ennio Morricone.

Bravo, Valesi.  Bravo.

Check it out after the break.


  1. Again, as a pianist, I'll always love other pianists or musicians making their own thing, which is something absolutely beautiful, I should compose a song for Zootopia too.

  2. I see a young Nick riding into Zootopia with his mom on this one. train in the opposite direction with a more somber origin where maybe his dad left or died and they moved to the city for financial reasons. I think Nick would have a taste for music early on and he might have left it behind because some time the tunes got to him and just when you think you figured him out he smiles off into the distance at a tune from somewhere… little melodies, times to be remembered and those that should be forgotten. just the face you wear when they happen and someone else has to figure out what they mean.

    "carrots, you ok?" nick would ask returning a glance from over the sunset bathed railing.

    "Oh I'm fine," Judy replied, "just wondering about something, maybe day dreaming a little…"

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