[Month of Mead] Judy is Dead Part 5: Chew Toy

The drama that is Judy is Dead continues with part 5 of our Month of Mead.
Enter Mayor Tilda Swinton.  She seems like the sort of pig who wants to rule the world with an iron hoof.  But subtly.  Like a spider, weaving political webs.  But what if some rabbit meter-maid were to stumble into her web by accident, sending an irate police fox knocking on her door?
Find out either on Mr. Mead’s Tumblr, or after the break.


  1. Reminder that some of the posts on tumblr have litte written story segments accompanying the comic, like this one here.
    Plus there's a 4 chapter story on Ao3 explaining some more of the background and what happens between the comics, told from Swinton's point of view.
    Chapter 3, for example, happens right before this comic.

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