Today’s Translated Comics: Rabbit Senses (Comic by そうま and by 福)

In a real life, animals evolved all sorts of abilities to give them an edge in live. Prey animals like rabbits tend to have good hearing and a wide field of vision to better detect predators.
In Zootopia, there is no longer any danger of being eaten, so what might those senses be used for now? Find out after the break!

Today we got two comics for you! The first one is by そうま (Souma) and the second comic is by 福 (Fuku). We combined them in a post because both of them show Judy’s abilities. Thank you very much Souma and Fuku for making them, thank you LMAbacus for translating them and gfcwfzkm for editing the second one!

You can find the first original comic by そうま (Souma) on pixiv, the second original comic by 福 (Fuku) on pixiv too and the translated versions after the break! And as always, read from right-to-left!

Comic by そうま (Souma)
Comic by 福 (Fuku)


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