Hideo Kojima explains why Zootopia is so amazing!


Yes, THAT Hideo Kojima!  The genius behind the Metal Gear Series!  And apparently, a big fan of Zootopia!

Recently, he made a youtube video with his friend, Kenji Yano (who is another major player on the Metal Gear team), going through and rating, in great detail, what he considers to be the Top Ten movies of 2016 (so far).  And where did he put Zootopia?

Well, you’ll have to check it out for yourself! (spoiler alert: it’s very close to the top!)

Here are some of our favorite quotes: (translations taken from Subtitles- if there’s a better translation, we’ll update it)

“Absolutely portrays Today’s US. Very remarkable the way they were able to do this in a movie for kids!” 

“There are no movies like this in Japan.” 

“If you see it with a kid, the kid will enjoy it, but an adult will see something deeper in it.” 

“The search for the culprit, the placement of each character, is great.” 

“I would love to see a movie like this one from the Japanese industry.”

“The sloth… oh, it just drove me insane at the beginning!” 

“I feel like I could go on for about 2 hours.” 

We’re right there with you, Hideo!  We could go on and on and on about how incredible this movie is!

Check out the video for yourself after the break!

And if you just want to see the part about Zootopia, click here!  It starts at 35:38!


  1. Too bad Secret Life of Pets, a lower rated movie on every critic list, is going to out-gross it domestically this week. Shows you how much a March release is held back from a June or July release when more people are free and able to see it. Pets will pass it, but it doesn't matter, Zootopia still earned a billion at the box office worldwide, Pets won't reach that, despite passing it domestically.

    • If we go by the numbers from Box Office Mojo for All-Time Top Box Office Gross (not adjusted for inflation), among the 27 movies in the "US$ 1 Billion Club", only Zootopia and Alice in Wonderland (2010) were March openers. The others either open in mid-year or end-year.

      But it's okay. If any, this should give a strong message to Disney that the Zootopia franchise is a gold mine, and it will be to their best interest to expand this franchise further.

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