Story: Stoutwell – Case #1: Out of the Red

Art by ChumpyZoot

[Adventure] [Action] [Rated M-16]
At first I was hesitant, considering that the main character is an OC.  However, after reading it I have no doubts that Officer Stoutwell could be a great addition to the ZPD we all know and love.  He’s a very well-thought-out character that doesn’t feel like a Mary Sue or a self-insert.  Which is how an OC should be.  This case presents an intriguing mystery, and even though it feels a little rushed near the end, I hope that means we’ll be seeing more of Officer Stoutwell in the near future.

Author: Racoonfag

Description: Officer Stoutwell, the second raccoon to ever join the ZPD, has finally gotten his dream job of working at Zootopia’s Precinct One, only to find that he’s still being held back by a traumatic past.  But when a friend comes to him for help with a case that the police consider closed, will he risk what’s left of his career, just to prove to himself that he can still be a real cop?

This is the first of several possible stories following Officer Stoutwell’s career as an officer at Precinct One.

Stoutwell- Case #1: Out of the Red

Additional Tags: A Raccoon in records with a phobia of foxes.  How will that play out with his fellow officers?