Comic Dub: “Say Judy” by Oruagaan

And now for something… bittersweet.  Melancholy.  Morose.  Take your pic of synonyms and get your tissues ready, because this is a sad one.

Several months back we featured a comic by EightSpartans called “Say, Judy”.  Take a look at it here if you haven’t read it yet- it’s a real tearjerker.

Well, some fans of the comic took it upon themselves to dub it.  The audio quality isn’t very good at the very beginning or the very, very end, but otherwise it’s really well-done.  The actors definitely captured the emotion of the comic, and they add a little montage of fanart at the end that makes it feel almost like a scrapbook of Nick and Judy’s lives since they’ve known each other.

Excellent work, Christopher McNeill, Olivia Woods, and Oruagaan.  I look forward to seeing what else you have to offer us in the future.

Check out the video after the break!


  1. Yeah, I can't read this one. It crushes my heart with sadness and grief. Dang OTP… >.> Why must you do this to me, Nick and Judy?! Why?

    ::goes back to writing his fanfic about them:: >.>

  2. *sees the normal comic, gets emotional.* *sees there's a dub, but after a while that has forgotten the say judy comic* *THE FEELS RETURN*

  3. Damn, I can't even read the comic (without crying), and then I go sucker myself into listening to this with real voices and background music..
    I watched it fifteen minutes ago, it's taken that long to get myself together enough to write this!
    Three short cartoons that will go down in history (I'm sure);
    'Say Judy',
    'Bad Ending',
    and the series;
    'Judy's Dead' (Mister Mead)

    • Don't even get me started on Judy's Dead. The one where the new Hopps on the force brings blueberries? The scene where he eats one, and the look of remembrance on his face… That just… Ugh! Why?!

  4. this comic… I read it before, just seeing the title and figured, "Hey, it's going to be a cute little story where Nick tells Judy how much he loves her." only to find out that, whoopsie, it's not exactly that straight forward. and that hope I had of this being a happy story, double whoopsie, it's a tear jerker, and whoopsie number threesie… I read this without tissues at the ready, so i have tears rolling down my face like mad, and my only salvation is to go back to a different, happier comic I had been reading and take my mind off it… that being said, this voice over was very well done, despite audio issue, which I personally feel as though, while not intended, make it seem as though the whole conversation was recorded on that carrot pen of Judy's. I'm a 24 year old man who is by no means proud… I'll admit that I actually cried, both when I first read the comic, and when I listened to this voice over… the only thing I think could improve on this, would be for scenes like these to be animated, nothing like the film mind you, just simple moving pictures… anyways, I feel I've made my point, now to go back to my amateur writing career.

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