ZNN Reaches 300,000 Pageviews!

HUGE thanks to Ask-The-ZPD and Quirky-Middle-Child for this AMAZING celebration art!

Wow.  Just… just WOW.  300,000 views.  I never, NEVER, anticipated this happening.

Thank you.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you.  You’re all simply incredible, and I am honored to be able to feature your phenomenal work on this site.

I’d like to take this moment to especially thank the amazing team we have here at ZNN.  They volunteer their time and talents freely, and without them, ZNN probably would have flopped after a month at most.  Instead, we’re moving forward, our audience growing with each passing day.  Despite being located all around the world, from the USA to Malaysia to Switzerland, we have been able to work together to bring you all the best that the fandom has to offer.  I truly feel blessed to be part of something like this.

Thank you all so, so much.

…I’m being told this is getting a little sappy, so on to actual ZNN-related news and updates!

As a reminder, we are still collecting Thank You Cards for the Zootopia Cast and Crew.  Our goal is to collect 200 by the end of July, at which point we will find a way to take them to Disney and personally present them to all the amazing people who brought us such a phenomenal movie.  At the moment we have received 17, so if you feel any sort of gratitude to the people who made Zootopia a reality, please Email a short message or card to [email protected] 

Also, over on the side bar you can find links to our twitter account, the Zootopia Discord server (a great place to just hang out with other zootopia fans), and Zootopia.Rocks, a forum that is an official part of the ZNN Network!  Be sure to check them all out!

Directly under that, we have a paypal donation button.  We will soon be introducting a “Supporters” page, where we will be thanking everyone who donates anything to help us keep the site going.  Thanks to a very generous donation from one of you, we’re able to keep the ZootopiaNewsNetwork.com domain up and running for at least another 3 months, which is just fantastic!  Again, thank you so much!

That’s all the news I have for you at this time.  Let’s keep moving forward!  And as always, remember…

Try Everything!

-Andy Lagopus


  1. Glad it's growing, this place is utterly amazing. And the translations are exactly what was needed. Keep up the good work!

    Also, have you guys ever thought about doing a patreon page or something? Or is that even allowed/possible?

    • We have. We're not sure what sort of rewards people would like, so we're doing some more research before we start doing something like that.

    • Ah yeh, not actually sure there is much you could do 😛 personally, I'd just like to have it so I could donate a small amount monthly without having to worry about it 🙂

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