Try Everything on the Piano (by AniPiano)


It’s interesting to see just how different every cover of “Try Everything” is.  I guess the musical side of this community really took that motto to heart.

AniPiano, who, as the name implies, primarily does piano covers of songs from Anime, took a shot at Gazelle’s Hit Track, and I would say they did a fantastic job!  Check it out after the break!


  1. Okay, this is going to be a long comment, so get ready…

    >Firstly, I instantly liked this video.

    >I played piano for a few years, but quit when I didn't enjoy it anymore (My piano teacher also moved to his home across the country…). These types of videos make me want to start again, but it would be totally new for me, since I played mostly classical music and started some jazz before I stopped.

    >Finally, I just want to say it amazes me how much an animated movie can inspire people around the world to create, explore, and "try" something new; yet, it is also expected once one sees the movie. I've said it before, but with Frozen, I was really uncomfortable with the plot and some of the cliche events in it (Anna and Kristof at the end). This whole event made me end up hating the movie and everything about it. When I saw Zootopia, I loved it so much, because it broke the mold for a Disney movie, kind of like Big Hero 6 did in some ways. When I saw the end, however, I freaked out about whether Nick x Judy was canon. I didn't want to have such a good movie be a repeat of Frozen for me. When I found out the two were joking in the last scene, I was sooo happy. Yet, so much of the fandom was on this topic, and the only way I could deal with my controversial feelings on this was to become part of the fandom (although I still strongly hold my stance on Nick x Judy NOT being a thing). So that's my Zootopia backstory. What's yours?

    • That's a totally fair position. I'd say that the difference between shipping Nick and Judy vs Anna and Kristoff is that Nick and Judy's ship is not canonical to the movie, but it could develop into that sort of relationship. Nick and Judy have really great chemistry.

      Anna and Kristoff, on the other hand, do have a canonical relationship, but… well I don't really think they have that great of chemistry. I mean, practically every conversation they had in frozen was something along the lines of "you agreed to marry someone you just barely met???". Whereas Nick and Judy have a good 2/3 of the movie to spend time around each other, get to know each other, come to understand each other's strengths and weaknesses, mess with each other… they feel like real people who could have a real, honest, healthy relationship if they so choose, and a real, honest, healthy friendship if they decide not to. Anna and Kristoff really don't.

      Personally, I see Nick and Judy as being best friends for so long they basically decide to get married because they can't imagine arguing and bantering with anybody better than they do with each other. I don't see them being very mushy and romantic.

    • I'm glad the powers that be intentionally left their relationship as best friends so we can let our imaginations fill things in however we want–genius move, no? …and if you're not happy with it, then your imagination stinks (IMHO)….

      I personally ship them as I think they really do have some undeniably awesome chemistry (or were they just written that way?). They compliment each other so well, I can't imagine either one finding anyone else who would compare in any meaningful way. I LOVE Judy's endless optimism, but she needs Nick's realism and experience to help ground her (and maybe keep her safe?). Nick needs Judy's unwavering belief that he's capable of being the fox he wanted to be when he was a kit and also someone to reel in his almost unbridled sardonic snark (which still manages to be somewhat endearing…somehow). Regardless, they have a genuine affection, appreciation and respect for each other that is simply beautiful. I ship them mainly because it makes me happy to imagine them even happier together. I agree with Andy's sentiment–friends so long, they may as well be/get married.

      I'm not sure how or why, but Zootopia made me stand up and cheer unlike any movie before it…I'm posting on a fan site, for goodness sakes! I'm not artistic in any meaningful way (technician!), so I haven't created anything per se, but I love seeing what other people have drawn/written/recorded/created. There's some AMAZING talent out there!

      As for Frozen, I never understood the attraction. Pretty good song, but otherwise I don't get it–I can see why little kids like it, but over $1Billion's worth?? Crazy. …but they get a sequel…. As much as I'd love a Zootopia sequel, it could simply never compare to the original and they'd have to draw some lines that would thrill some while enraging others…but I'd STILL watch it!


    • You both make very good points, so I have to respond:

      Andy, I think you're right; Nick and Judy do have a much more real, complementing relationship, and you're also probably right; if Zootopia does have a sequel or add-on, and Judy x Nick is real, I won't dive into the despair I did after my Frozen incident, because of the true compassion of them being together. One thing has to be true for me to be okay with them being together; the directors can't jam pack Nick and Judy's dialogue with cheesy lines like "You know you love me." That was okay as a joke at the end of the movie, but if they make that a regular, genuine interaction between the two, it will totally change how they interact, remove all of that "good chemistry" they have, and most likely ruin the story for me. The story has to preserve the great interactions between Nick and Judy that we have come to love from the original movie.

      That being said, it might be best not to have a sequel. If the directors leave Zootopia as it is and move on to creating other amazing movies, the hit film will stand as a legacy to Disney and imagination everywhere. It will also allow others to continue the amazing fandom that's been going on for longer, providing an infinite sandbox for creators to, well, CREATE in.

      I wouldn't mind a couple of add-ons or shorts, though.

      P.S. Is there some widget in Blogger that allows for a "discussion page" to be added to sites like this? I feel that it would be a great place to have discussions like these, and would be a nice interface.
      Just a thought…


    • FYISicence,

      Well reasoned! In theory, it would be nice if they didn't make a sequel and kept Zootopia as a stand-alone legacy. It would be a tall order to improve on such a solid, well defined, acted and animated flick. Some back story shorts or add-ons would be nice, though–I STILL want to know where Nick's Mom and Dad are or what happened to them (why didn't we see anyone at his Academy Graduation??) and where Nick lives (I still say his comment to Judy about ending up living in a box under a bridge after one's dreams are crushed was a reference to himself, but maybe that happened awhile ago?).

      If they do make a sequel ('cause, let's face it, they're almost guaranteed to make money and that's why they're in business), they need to keep it as realistic as the first and not fall back onto reused lines. I don't see that happening as they really did an awesome job with the dialogue/writing and with such a well-defined world, it wouldn't make sense to dumb it down or rehash the same old, same old…just hope they don't try to make it more "kid-friendly" or something….

      For the Zootopia fan who's a blogger/discussion enthusiast (wow–spelled it correctly on the first try!), there's http://www.Zootopia.Rocks/ with a multitude of thread options: General, Official Content, Hopps/Wild, FanFiction (…or maybe FanFriction…), etc. There's even a ZNN thread!

      Thanks for you insights!


    • I think you're definitely right; there are certain aspects that need to be changed in sequels, and others that need to be preserved.

      The directors/creators would need to approach the plot as if they were making a completely new movie — not a sequel — and just have the background be the same as where Zootopia left off. They would have to keep the interactions between the characters the same, though (except they may change it for a certain two characters), at least to start off. On the other hand, as you've said before, they shouldn't use the same lines and phrases from the first movie. (I want to see another hustle line, though) All in all, though, I feel like it's extremely difficult to create a sequel to a movie like this, since the expectations are so much higher and there isn't a culture established recipe for every sequel to make it as good as the first. Also, the public won't be as open to new changes, since most of them want to just keep the feelings they felt when they watched Zootopia going for another 110 or so minutes.
      Anyway, this whole area is a little FUZZY… (I'm sorry)


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