The Tragic Tale of the Life-Sized Lego Nick

I’ve had some bad days before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had a bad day that was worth $15,000.

The artist, Zhao, built a life-sized model of Nick Wilde for a Lego Expo in Ningbo, China.  Ordinarily this would be enough to warrant an article from ZNN, because that is totally awesome.  He put in three full days and nights piecing it together one brick at a time, and it was estimated to be worth $15,000.

(Rest of the story after the break)

Obviously, he was very proud of his creation.  Which is why it was heartbreaking when, just an hour after the exhibit opened…

… This happened.  A 5-year-old child had wanted to get a closer look at the giant Nick.  So, he’d gone under the ropes and started touching it.

Gravity ensued, leaving our favorite fox a pile of brightly colored bricks.

Zhao was very gracious and refused compensation from the kid’s parents, saying that “The child is too small, the staff did not see, so we have a responsibility.” (Quote from News163)

Lego Nick, we hardly knew ye.  Rest in pieces.


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