Stories: Two Crimson Paws and For Them Both

Cover art for Two Crimson Paws

These two stories are connected, so it’s only fitting that they both be given the same post.  They’re very dark, but come highly recommended if you don’t mind intense stories.

Author: Icestar-x


[Tragedy] [Dark] [Rated M-16]
It presents a “what if” situation that I can honestly see but don’t want to see happening.  It’s well written, enjoyable, and my god is it intense.  The intensity, shock and sadness levels rise up very quickly, but it remains engaging throughout the whole story. ~ Pre-Reader Andy

Description: Two friends.  Two lives.  One tragedy.  Sometimes even the best laid plans fail, and all you can do is trust each other.  One-shot story that’s a ‘what if’ scenario where Bellwether swapped the blueberries for the serum.

Two Crimson Paws

Cover image for For Them Both


[Revenge] [Dark] [Rated M-16]
For them both has vengeance written all over it.  This sequel is paced differently.  It’s cold, it’s entrancing, it’s dark.  Definitely a good read. ~ Pre-Reader Andy

Description: Sequel to Two Crimson Paws.  After the events of the previous story, Manchas teams up with some unlikely allies to bring justice to Zootopia.  Not just for those lost, but for himself.

For Them Both

Additional Tags: It’s scary how plausible this scenario is.


  1. The second one is just awesome.
    I felt such vengeance and suspense reading it.
    Not to mention, the Princess Bride reference is killer (pun intended).

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