Poll: Has Zootopia inspired you to create your own original content? If so, how?

Pictured above: Nick Wilde planning and writing the ultimate mystery/drama/romance/action/adventure/comedy fanfic

A harmless movie is released by Disney.  It’s very good, and receives high praise from critics and audiences.  But what follows is a mystery that still confounds scientists the world over.

Ordinary people, who would typically enjoy a movie while they watched it and speak positively about it afterwards, began to behave strangely.  They would suddenly be writing out stories detailing the adventures of a cartoon fox and rabbit.  They began spending hours meticulously drawing them either with physical tools or on digital art programs.  They composed music dedicated to the movie.

People who had never considered joining a fandom suddenly found themselves engulfed in one.  And those who had been in fandoms previously had an uncontrollable urge to do more, more than they had ever done before.

The Consumers became… Creators.

So now I ask, for science: Has Zootopia inspired you to create your own original content?  If so, how?

By “Original Content”, I mean any fan-made creations related to Zootopia.  Fanfiction and Fan Art are common examples, but there are also musicians, comic artists, video editors, and so forth.  I know a guy who made an intricate maze based on Nick as a Junior Ranger Scout.  Another calculated the density and weight of a Jumbo Pop.  There are theories on how something in the movie came to exist within the world presented to us.

Check out the poll over to the right, and let us know what Zootopia has inspired you to do.  The poll will close at midnight on July 3rd.  Feel free to choose as many answers as you need to.


  1. I've been in the comic biz since the mid-80s, but life took a detour in '05 and I've only recently gotten anywhere near "back in the saddle". In grinding out a bunch of Zootopia fanfic that will likely never be released, I've been getting my writing muscles back in shape. Also done a few Zootopia fan sketches, none here but a few on FA.

    • I love your artwork! I'd be happy to offer some constructive feedback on your writing, if you need someone for that. I've been writing creatively for quite some time, before I somehow became compelled recently to write some Zootopia fanfic.

  2. When I saw the movie Frozen, I was disgusted by the cliche relationship of Anna and Kristof, and because of that, I've come to hate the movie. When I saw Zootopia, it was the best Disney movie I've ever seen, but I was worried about how the possibility of Nick x Judy could ruin it as well. I was distressed for about 48 hours, and I couldn't stop thinking about it. I was totally miserable. Then I turned to drawing out how I felt about whether Judy and Nick should be together (which I think they shouldn't), and I calmed down completely. It was the first time a movie had forced me into drawing fan art, and it was the first time I tried drawing fan art. That was basically this week for me (I saw the movie a few days ago), and I feel so much better now. It's crazy what Zootopia's done to me.

  3. I've been drawing stuff related to fandoms since I was twelve errr..since 2012 (sorry, had to do this one 😀 it's true btw).
    So after seeing Zootopia, I already had a picture in mind. However, while it worked out on this one, I still have to practice the general art style which might take a little bit longer. But the ideas are there.

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