Story: Always my Sly Bunny, Always my Dumb Fox


[Romance] [Crime Drama] [Rated T-13]
It’s like the Princess Bride in a way.  Also, Grandpa Nick is adorable!  I need more of that in my life now. – Tom

Author: Cimar of Turalis WildeHopps

Description: Judy and Nick are nigh inseparable, and have become standard bearers for peace between predator and prey in Zootopia.  Though with a high profile in the ZPD, they have become high profile targets themselves.  If the evil that looms in the dark recesses of the city manages to tear their relationship apart, will the rest of Zootopia crumble with it?

Always my Sly Bunny, Always my Dumb Fox

Additional Tags: Nick tells the story of how he and Judy fell in love

Table of contents after the break.

Prologue: Grandpa Nick
Chapter 1: A Howling Good Time
Chapter 2: A Long Night Ahead
Chapter 3: Terror of the Night
Chapter 4: Patients, please!
Chapter 5: Shock and Awww’s
Chapter 6: Doctor’s Orders
Chapter 7: Where are our Leads?
Chapter 8: Hey, It’s my Parents!
Chapter 9: A Rough Start
Chapter 10: Furzer Corp
Chapter 11: Flower Power
Chapter 12: The Chase Begins
Chapter 13: Partners
Chapter 14: Forensics Files
Chapter 15: CSI: Zootopia
Chapter 16: Heat of the Moment
Chapter 17: Diving in the Deep End
Chapter 18: Leap of Faith


    • By "chapter one", you mean the prologue, right? Same here, I was kinda confused because Nick, along with his grandkids, were saying "Nick and Judy" instead of "Judy and I" or "you and Judy"

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