Comic: Zootopia – The Sequel (by Shadow-Gate)

A whole lot of people have been bouncing around the idea of what might come in a possible Zootopia 2.  Personally I’m hoping they subtitle it “Electric Zoogaloo”, but I think I’m the only one rooting for that.  As far as the content goes, it’d be really awesome to see more of Nick and Judy working for the ZPD.

So, until such a time as a sequel does come out, the artist Shadow-Gate has come up with a very cool series of comics featuring the ZPD’s first Bunny and Fox working to capture the drug-dealing Doug.  Currently it’s 3 pages long, but we’ll be sure to update this as it develops.

Check it out on Deviantart, Tumblr, or after the break!

Page 1

Page 2
Page 3

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  1. That's the magic of the characters for you. The scene has barely progressed, and there's so much dialogue to remember with a genuine smile. Reading good so far!

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