Art of the Day #28 – Suit Up!

Zootopia fan art by ZtanikhQs
Source [1]

In Zootopia, anyone can be anything.  And in a well-fitted suit, anyone can look good. There’s even a full musical number proving this fact.  Nick’s father definitely understood this- he was even going to open a store dedicated to selling them in all shapes and sizes. (As seen in a deleted scene)

I kinda wish Suitopia had at least remained in the background somewhere in the final movie.  …actually, I hope it is still there somewhere, but I just haven’t seen it.  8 viewings in theaters and I’m still spotting new things.

Get suited up after the break!

[No title] by sanjiseo
Source [2]
Nick and Finnick by peach
Source [3]
Gideon Grey by The Tauren
Source [4]
Zootopia by Machu Picchu
Source [5]
Trumpster by GantzAistar
Source [6]
One-day bodyguard by n09142
Source [7]
Nick by milk-vtech
Source [8]
Zootopia by pirupiruze
Source [9]
[Zootopia] Suit NICK by area32
Source [10]
Smart Fox by A-KA
Source [11]
A reason to celebrate by Lannean and Fehlung
Source [12]
Mr. Fox by foxnickwylde
Source [13]
Mr. Manchas by kxxxta
Source [14]
Zootopia- Nick Wilde of Wild Times by doraemonbasil
Source [15]
Suit Fox by Street
Source [16]
A Dinner for Two by lightskin
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Zootopia by WillowVO
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The inital setting is too good by seoji_s2

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