Imagining Zootopia (unofficially) re-uploaded


As I’m sure many of you have noticed, Fusion TV made the youtube video of the 45-minute documentary “Imagining Zootopia” private.  I have no clue why, and when I found out I made the same face Judy is making in the above image.  Seriously, why would they do that?

(And for anyone who says “because they’re going to put it on the Blu-ray!” I would ask why they released it to the public originally if they intended to include it as special features?)

Thankfully, some people managed to save the video before it went private, and have re-uploaded it.  Now, I have no idea if my posting this will cause the video to get flagged for copyright infringement, and if it does, I apologize.  I just know that there are still a lot of you who have not seen it, and who really want to, and no longer can for some unknown reason.  If anyone from Disney wants me to remove this post, just let me know and I will, but I would like an explanation of why the original was made private.

Check out Imagining Zootopia here, or after the break!

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