Art of the Day #13

Mr Manchas by chirenbo
Source [1]

Mr. Manchas deserves more love.  Poor guy got his face ripped up by Mr. Otterton, got drugged by Doug, and got locked up by Mayor Lionheart.  All because he happened to be the driver of Mr. Big’s limo on the wrong day.

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Nick by Kirayusa
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Wilty by MyF–kingGodImTrash
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Zootopia by sefirosu-chan
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Groceries by maybelleta
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A Rest Near Bunny Burrows by Drkchaos
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Zootopia by Mimibert
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Serving a Citation by art-of-aa
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Parking Duty! by Syaswan133
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Nick and Judy watch DVDs by jonathantaniuchi
Source [10]
In pursuit by Dexter01992
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sly lion, dumb sheep by ShinyWhiteWaters
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Date in the Rainforest District #2 by Shadow-Gate
Source [13]
Zootopia by AlexAasen
Source [14]
Judy and Nick / Zootopia by DariaWhite
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