Saturday, August 18, 2018

Comic Series: Life in the ZPD [by: iPoke]

I personally really like this little series going on. Without a general plot, it gives little snippets of life and events after the movie ended and gives a warm welcoming feeling!

Following iPoke's AOTD feature, iPoke also does comic! This little comics series features little snippet of life in the ZPD, moments after the ending of Zootopia. Some of its dialogue covers pretty mature topics with a little slice-of-life, while making it natural sounding and in character. Kudo's to iPoke for the exceptional writing!

There are currently four comics from iPoke which have this general theme, however; the series itself hasn't been updated for over two years due to iPoke's inactivity. But we hope to see an update in the near future!

Check out the four comics right after the break!


  1. Replies
    1. Thats odd, they're working on our end. What browser are you using?

    2. In my end, the first 3 pictures doesnt load too. Im using Chrome on android

    3. Looks like the images themselves are set for private. Someone with a Furaffinity account will have to upload them to imgur or somewhere.

  2. Seconding that note; the links show pages with private viewing only.

  3. These are actually really nice! They're taking much deeper, realstic events that would happen after the movie. #4 was a hard hit at Judy being friends with the mob!

    1. Agreed. They seriously need to make that the point of the sequel.

  4. Its very good, but seems like the story is far from ending?

  5. "Put another log in the fire" is alright, but hard to really get into plot-wise.
    "Just good advice" is rather a cliché plot, but better presented than most of its kind.
    "Weak Link" is good. Short and funny.
    "Hard Choices" is excellent. Grim, but honest.