Friday, August 4, 2017

Try Everything to Feel Alive (by Mashin' Jams)

Have you ever noticed that the "oh oh oh oh oooh!" in Try Everything is vaguely reminiscent of an animal's howl?  Interesting, right?

Of course, those "oh"s match the "ooh"s of Jake Reese's Day To Feel Alive wonderfully.  Leave it to Mashin' Jams to make that connection and put those two unrelated artists together for a very nice mashup.

Give it a listen after the break, and if you haven't subscribed to Mashin' Jams already, you definitely should!


  1. I do believe it is Mashin' Jams goal to eventually mashup "Try Everything" with every song ever written. ;-)
    And as they keep putting out such wonderful creations like this one, I have no complaints.

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