Saturday, July 1, 2017

Water Under the Burrows, Chapter 5: The Best in Me

Last time, on Water Under the Burrows, Bonnie got some comfort from her love.  Now it's time for Judy to get some of the same.  Even if it starts with a question that completely catches Judy off-guard.  

Gotta hand it to MisterMead, he knows how to convey emotions like very few can.  Check out the rest of "Water Under the Burrows" here:

And read up on Chapter 5: The Best in Me over on Tumblr, or after the break!


  1. This is a sweet comic until you realize this is the same universe as "Judy Is Dead."

    .... I regret nothing.

    1. Thank you for bringing me back to the real world...


      Damn it...

    2. Actually no, this is DRAWN by the maker of Judy is Dead, but the story is a continuation of Water under the Bridge, a fanfic made by a different author. Mead is a big fan of said fan fic, and when said author offered Mead to draw for this sequel, he jumped at the chance and they collaborated. That being said, I expect at least some danger and damage to be done but nothing as extreme as Judy is Dead (hopefully).

    3. I was going to point out the Water Under The Bridge connection, too. It probably won't be as dark and depressing as Judy is Dead, but I expect this comic to get a little dark eventually. WUTB was pretty dark and had a copious amount of bloodspray in parts. It had a happy ending, too. I guess Judy is Dead had as happy an ending as it could considering that...well...Judy is dead.

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  2. Mead mentioned that the third panel from the last is basically "traffic cone interfacing with volley ball" and I agree 😁

  3. Possible prequel to Judy is Dead universe?