Monday, June 12, 2017

Water Under the Burrows: Chapter 4 - Turn it Around

For a little while, some people thought Borba was the new King of Feels in this fandom.  And maybe, in their mind; he still is.  But MisterMead isn't giving up his crown easily.  No sir.

We featured the beginning of this new chapter of Water Under the Burrows back in May, but we've kinda missed a few parts, so before we feature the next chapter (which also has all the feels, but in a different way), we need to wrap up Chapter 4, dealing with the aftermath of Bonnie's words in "Old Fashioned".  Fortunately, although both mother and daughter said some very hurtful things, they both have someone who can help comfort them in their hour of need.

You can catch up on Water Under the Burrows with these links:
And now, you read the entirety of Chapter 4: Turn it Around over on tumblr or after the break!



  1. Apparently the Hopps children like two things: Predators and TALL potential mates.

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