Saturday, May 13, 2017

Comic: A mother's Arms (Original by Quirky-Middle-Child)

Hey everyone!  Dominic Faux here,

And today, since ZNN doesn't report on Sunday, we'll be covering a special mother's day comic! Our very own Quirky-Middle-Child Made this comic specially for mother's day! And we're here to bring it to you first!

Mother's day is a fantastic day to celebrate all that a certain special person has done for you. From bringing you into this world, to caring for you and nurturing you for countless years, Well, alright, you can probably count them. Mothers are important to all of us. They're part of the family you'll always have. So go out there and enjoy a special day with your mother!

And of course, check out this new comic over here, right after the break, or over on tumblr and DeviantArt!

Dominic Faux, signing off!


  1. Sure, make us all cry...
    Really though, fantastic artwork

    1. Where's the button "stop crying"????

    2. This is so cute! amazing job

  2. Nicely done. Poor lady had a rough time of it there, tho it all worked out at the end. Feels..

  3. the most all mother want from his son is, "Returned" ;)

  4. Nice, the story is great, and really fits to the original story.

  5. guess its mother's day special

  6. Omg, I cried. This is just too sweet and ahh I can just picture how proud Nick's mom is, of him.