Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Comic: The sunken fox (by Risuou)

Sometimes, comics don't need words to tell a story.  And with a comic as sweet and emotional as this, I feel that words will only serve to weaken it.

Thanks you, Risuou, for this beautiful comic that can be understood by all, translation not required.

Check it out over on pixiv or after the break.


  1. You have to align your chakra to the center of your feet nick-kun

  2. Naa, he just wanted to change clothes while submerged... ;)

    Really sweet one :)

  3. Very deep message if you think about it... who saved who from falling to the criminal world?

  4. Anyone else noticed he sunk in wearing his hustler clothes and came back out wearing a police uniform?

    No way was Judy going to let him behind, her moving forward and him stuck in his ways. She'd drag him forwards with her no matter what.