Friday, March 17, 2017

Comic Dub: Night Terrors (by Scribbler Productions) (Original by Rick Griffin)

A long time ago  (Geez, it's been almost a year...) we covered the comic "Night Terrors", by Rick Griffin.  Then, back in January, ObabScribbler (aka Scribbler Productions) released a dub of this comic.  Keeping the level of quality she is known for in her dubs (such as "Try Everything" ), Scribbler brings us a top-notch performance!

Starring ShadowOfCygnus and Nick and ObabScribbler as Judy, this is not one you want to miss! we apparently did for several months.

Check it out for yourself after the break!


  1. Wow, just wow. That was amazing.

  2. There already is a dub of "Night Terrors" and it's ~11 Month old:
    I like the old one more but this one is good to - actually better in some ways.
    Still, I would have preferred them dubbing another great Zootopia comic (there are so many good ones still without a dub...).