Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Animation: Compliment (by Derek Pony)

Ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally come.

Fans are making their own animations using the blender models of Nick and Judy!  Glorious day!

This short, "Compliment" was originally a comic by Hazard-Girl on Deviantart.  Then Scribbler Productions made a dub of that comic.  And now, here we are, with this short little scene fully animated by Derek Pony in Blender!

Check it out after the break, and be sure to show your support by liking the video and subscribing to his youtube channel!  After all, we need more of this sort of thing in the fandom!


  1. the voice acting was spot on in my opinion

  2. the rubicon has been crossed...

  3. Wait is Blender the name of the animation software they used in the official movie? So these are basically the official models? OH GOD ITS GOING TO GO THE WAY OF OVERWATCH! RUN FOR THE HILLS!

    1. No, blender is definitely not the official animation software Disney used. It is, however, a free tool that a whole lot of people in the animation industry use, especially when they're starting out, so it's getting closer!

    2. Upon further research yes, these models are definitely not as furry (don't got that FurTecH) but style-wise and look wise they look very similar to the ones from the movie. Which means that those with certain....... mindsets are going to make interesting things involving the two models interacting. It happened with SFM and Overwatch, its bound to happen here. (Rule 34's reach spreads......)

  4. I need MORE of these!!! I think I watched over 10times!! It is so beautifully made and the voice of both are perfect!!!