Thursday, February 23, 2017

The LewToons Awards Show!

LewToons, a cartoon review and discussion channel with over half a million subscribers, has been undergoing a challenge throughout all of 2016.  Essentially, he went to see every animated movie that released last year and, rather than rating them on a scale of 1-5 or 1-10, he rated them comparative to each other.  For a long time Zootopia was at the top of the list, then it was displaced by The Little Prince, and finally he just said he wasn't sure which was his number 1 favorite, since Moana, The Little Prince, and Zootopia are all just such outstanding movies.

Well, it's time for the first annual LewToons Awards show, and Zootopia did a stellar job here, just like with so many other awards shows this season!

Viewer Picks:
Best Comedic Side Character - Flash
Best Villains - Bellwether
Chad's Picks:
Best Score - Michael Giacchino
Best Male Performance - Jason Bateman (Nick Wilde)
Best Animated Film of the Year

I think we can all agree on those sorts of results.

Check out the full awards show after the break!


  1. I think we all know what our picks would be... :P
    And personally, even if another studio hasn't yet gotten recognition that it "deserved" I think doesn't mean that the film that do deserve it this year should take second place just because of a sympathy sense. Kubo was good, can't say it was better than Zootopia, ever.

    1. I agree especially since Kubo already got its "sympathy" win at the Bafta awards.