Friday, August 19, 2016

Zistopia Dub releases Episode 2!

"Sugar sugar, oooh honey honey!" - Honey Badger's theme music.

A while back we featured the beginning of a dub of Zistopia.  Well, they just released episode 2, and holy cow the quality has improved!  They brought on a very talented video editor and sound designer, they have a great director, and when you add that to the fantastic voice actors, you have yourself a figurative storm of success!

You do not want to let this one slip by!  Go check it out now after the break!


  1. :D I love it!
    It is really well made! Awesome Job done there...

    And the "Honey Honey" song at the end :D Just perfect! ^^

  2. Ahem, watched this in the znn-submissions discord 20 minutes before posted.
    Cough, cough.

    Also, this is really great! Especially the accent for the mob boss. It's just perfect!

  3. Oh this is so awesome xD
    Little Fin Fin looks so damn cute in the early pages of Zistopia :3 The newer pages got a major art bump upgrade and fin fin doesnt look so adorable anymore :(

  4. Wow--that was really well done! Impressive....


  5. I'm now apart of the ongoing project as a voice actor. Can't wait to work on this until the end, which will probably be in a few years.

    1. Oh it's amazing, how could you be part of the actors ?

    2. I just asked if I could audition for parts, they asked for some audio clips, waited a few weeks, and they invited me on Skype to connect to others working on the project. Everyone in the group is actually quite fun to talk to.

    3. Great ! I really need to join you then ;)