Art of the Day #672

Do You Feel Lucky, Pup? by Baron-Engel
Source [1]

“Hold it! I know what you’re thinking; did he fire six shots, or only five? Well, being as this is a Desert Eagle 44. Magnum–with an eight-round capacity, plus one in the chamber–that’s kind of a silly question, isn’t it?”

Hello again, one and all….and welcome to the latest Art of the Day collection from ZNN.

Our featured image for today comes to us from Baron Engel, an artist who almost never does Zootopia fanart, but who excels at drawing firearms…and just plain drawing in general.  We think this is exactly how Nick would respond if he was in this situation–ever the irreverent fox.  One thing, though, is rather surprising.  In the eight years since Zootopia’s release, this is the first Dirty Harry crossover we’ve ever seen. I’d have thought there’d be at least a couple more, wouldn’t you?

But if you’d rather not play Zootopia Roulette with our favorite fox, just scroll on down and check out the rest of our collection. Go ahead, make your day…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Officer Wilde by Haroll8
Source [2]

Witch Judy (Judy Tuesday) by ericakoyuki
Source [3]

Springtime Judy by JonnyDoodle
Source [4]

Off Duty by toydoc
Source [5]

Nick Wilde as Spiderman by chunkyHug
Source [6]

Nick and Diane’s Space Escape by Pingo04
Source [7]

Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde Kiss Each Other by JManTheAngel2
Source [8]

Judy and Nivk dresses and wigs by chunkyHug
Source [9]

Judy and Nick jumping trampoline by chunkyHug
Source [10]

Hopps by senasecas
Source [11]

Which fashion do you like? by @zigrock_brony
Source [12]

Which fashion do you like? by @zigrock_brony
Source [13]

Which fashion do you like? by @zigrock_brony
Source [14]

Which fashion do you like? by @zigrock_brony
Source [15]

My two sketch styles side by side! by @NamiViArt
Source [16]

partners by @greenpurrpleD
Source [17]

Late Nite TV by @zigrock_brony
Source [18]

Nick the Maid by @greenpurrpleD
Source [19]

Nick and Judy by @dogear218
Source [20]

Nick and Judy cuddles! by @CakeTriflez
Source [21]

Pawpsicle by @chusan_D
Source [22]

Make it Grow by @123_monooki
Source [23]

Boxed In by @greenpurrpleD
Source [24]

Happy Pi Day by @theDomJenkins
Source [25]

Nick Wilde by @HUI57483809
Source [26]

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