Video: May the 12th Be With You, Featuring Judy and Bonnie Hopps!


Hello all, I hope you’ve all got plans for Mother’s Day, all the moms out there certainly deserve a special day to commemorate all they’ve done for their loved ones. Apparently Disney, Star Wars, and the Simpsons all have plans as they’ve recently released a new short called “May the 12th Be with You” that manages to combine all three for Mother’s Day.

It looks like the moms of Disney+ are going to be going on a special holiday adventure to ring in the occasion and Zootopia’s own Judy and Bonnie Hopps will be along for the ride. Sure Judy herself may not be a mom, but we all know she’d love to go on a crazy Mother’s Day/Simpsons/Star Wars adventure with her dear old mom.

You can check out the link below for more details. The short itself is available on Disney+ right now. Be sure to check it out with your mom and/or kids, it’s the perfect Mother’s Day addition with a nice touch of Zootopia seasoning to boot.

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