Memo from the Office of David Zaslav

Hey team:

I woke up this morning to see that we had acquired some website called ‘ZNN’. I figured, hey, we already own CNN, may as well snag some of the competition, you know? Color me surprised to find it’s a fan site for that movie about the rabbit cop. At least, I think that’s what it’s about, it looks like a lot of cartoon animals. Which is great, we’ve got a history with those. So I figure we’ll give it the same treatment we’re giving the Looney Toons IP.

Effective immediately, this ‘ZNN’ will be shut down for good. I know, it may appear to be an odd choice, acquiring a website only to shut it down, but our shareholders should be pleased that we found another thing to write off on our taxes, further increasing profitability. I know you all understand. We’ll keep the copyright on all the art, stories, and articles on the site though. There’s some good stuff there. Now pack your bags, you’re fired.

-David Zaslav

President and CEO, Warner Bros Discovery

(For legal reasons, this is all a joke. Happy April Fool’s Day!)


  1. Hmmmmmm how very peculiar that such an acquisition should happen on so auspicious a calendar date…

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