Art of the Day #663

Oops. Wrong Swimsuit by @zigrock_brony
Source [1]

Hello again everybody. It’s time for another amazing Art of the Day Collection from ZNN.

Our Featured Image has Nick caught in the middle of a minor wardrobe malfunction–in which our favorite fox realizes, too late, that he borrowed a bunny-print swimsuit. Oh well…at least it’s not a Speedo.

Today’s gallery also happens to be chock full o’ crossovers, including The Jungle Book, My Little Pony, Beastars, The Bad Guys, Armello, and, would you believe,  Zootopia meets The Sound of Music?

There’s all this and more, waiting for you below.  Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Wrong Swimsuit – Detail by @zigrock_brony
Source [2]

Legal pawpsicle making by @rivka_huehhh
Source [3]

Gazelle by Zekehimberry95
Source [4]

Edelweiss by rain1940
Source [5]

Gazelle she in jungle on top tree in jungle book! by serram04
Source [6]

Dreamy by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [7]

Bellweather’s new plot by how2101
Source [8]

Chocolate by RareWhoRoastBeast
Source [9]

Blep 2.0 by Tech2772
Source [10]

A Wilde day off by monkeypoke
Source [11]

Action Anthro Girls by Serpanade-Toons
Source [12]

[$] License and registration pleeeaase… by BurntBeebs
Source [13]

Baseball team – “Bunnies” by AngelAndDevil
Source [14]

Nick redraw! by DazzlingFoxxo
Source [15]

Partners in crime by Kheel
Source [16]

I got This… by 0l-Fox-l0
Source [17]

Maria Posada, Nick Wilde, and Twilight Sparkle by MaryBethEmberJoy49
Source [18]

Mary Beth, Judy Hopps, and Rainbow Dash by MaryBethEmberJoy49
Source [19]

Nick and Judy Undercover by mysticalpha
Source [20]

Weasel Clan by tangerinedragon
Source [21]

Nick and Judy by JayNiDogg
Source [22]

Sling by giftheck
Source [23]

Undercover ZPD Duo by JDE-Kiyoshi
Source [24]


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