It’s Called a Podcast, Sweetheart!

Good afternoon Ladies and Gentlemammals! Happy 8th Anniversary! Hard to believe that it’s been this long, isn’t it? So many have come and gone from the fandom, but ZNN has been there through thick and thin!

To celebrate, we are pleased to announce our newest original project- It’s Called a Podcast, Sweetheart! Produced by Lucario389 and starring Andy Lagopus and Pinkstar, this podcast will cover the fandom surrounding our favorite film- art, comics, fanfics, the works! We plan on bringing you one episode a month, but if it does especially well… who knows?

If you want to show your support for this endeavor and ZNN as a whole, you can join our Patreon, which will give you a special role in the community discord server and earn you a spot on our sidebar. And to existing patrons, thank you so much for your support! You’ve literally been what has kept the site up and running the past years, and we can’t overstate how important your contributions have been.

Check out the first episode of It’s Called A Podcast, Sweetheart down below, and prepare for a blast of nostalgia- or perhaps something new you never heard of!


  1. Unrelated to the podcast, but I was curious regarding how fan art is credited. I would like to submit a piece of fan art I created to this website, but I would like to not share my real name for privacy reasons. How can I ensure that if my work is posted on this website that only a username is featured instead of my real name or email address?

    • Yeah for sure! We just put the username and link to the fanart on the other site, not the real name or email.

  2. Also wanted to wish you all a happy belated anniversary for Zootopia’s release date!

  3. A good follow-up for this podcast would be a list of links to the artist and stories just covered.

    ( for ‘research’ purposes )

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