Art of the Day #635

Gotcha! by @ug_lm5
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Good Day to you all, ye lovers of Zootopia…and welcome to the latest Art of the Day collection from ZNN.

For this week, we’re doing things a little differently.  Our Featured Image is actually the first in a series of six different artworks that we call, “How It Started/How It’s Going.”

And that’s only the beginning folks.  We’ve got all kinds of other great Zootopia fanart on deck for your viewing pleasure.  We start off with a terrific series of 3D renderings of Judy Hopps.  From there, we move on to a crossover featuring Nick Wilde, Robin Hood, Mr. Wolf, and Death, Straight Up.   After that, we have a hilarious pic of Gideon Grey on the golf course.

There’s all this, and more, waiting for you when you scroll down. Enjoy…and don’t forget to show the original artists some love by clicking on the source links.


Judy what did you do to make Nick almost have a heart attack this time? by @CakeTriflez
Source [2]

Judy Hoppes and Nick Wilde by Novel-games
Source [3]

Y’all rest assure I’ll never forget my roots as a Zootopia fanartist by @NamiViArt
Source [4]

Will You? by JonnyDoodle
Source [5]

Wedding Judy Hopps by Artistfan62
Source [6]

Judy Hopps 1st version by chyvak
Source [7]

Judy Hopps 2nd version by chyvak
Source [8]

Judy Hopps 3rd version by chyvak
Source [9]

Innocence by PhoenixFirre
Source [10]

Harvesttime by dm29
Source [11]

Gazelle the Merelle by JManTheAngel2
Source [12]

Morning Judy by WiredLepus
Source [13]

Judy Hat by @askalin097
Source [14]

Kimono Judy by @123_monooki
Source [15]

Dream-Go-Round by @bumble_tmnt
Source [16]

The highest waifu: Judy Hopps by @Aralyre
Source [17]

Oh, well by @kemokemono04
Source [18]

Nick by @kemokemono04
Source [19]

“They’re here to take your life, your money, and your hearts” by @ultimatellurker
Source [20]

Starlight Nick by @SugokuShiitake
Source [21]

Golf distractions amirite??! by @Delako_Mizuno
Source [22]

Thief Nick by @sagara_shino
Source [23]

Chibi Nick and Judy by @ruhou_shio
Source [24]

Playing around w shading by @bublecop
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