Memorial Fundraiser for Alps Sarsis to be held Next Saturday


Alps– Aged Up by sarsis 

Hello again everyone,

A few weeks ago, we broke the tragic news that Alps Sarsis, the author of the legendary Guardian Blue fanfic series, had unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. In the time since, we have been in touch with his family and close friends, and have agreed to host a community memorial for Alps. But we have decided to take it one step further- it will also be a fundraiser. All proceeds will go directly to his wife, Ithunna Sarsis and his son, known as Pup. Hopefully this will help provide them and the fandom with some closure to a terrible loss.

The memorial will be held on Satuday, August 19th at 12 PM EST on my personal twitch account, CesartheKingTV (since it is able to receive donations). The schedule (in EST) is as follows:

11:30 AM – Pre-stream/Setup/Opening

12:00 PM – Stories and Statements from Alps’ Friends, Family, and the Zootopia Community

1:30 PM – Live Musical Interlude (provided by Declan Flannery)

1:45 PM – Live Reading of Thanks For The Fox

6:00 PM – Closing

If you would like to contribute to the fundraiser, you may do so by subscribing (including twitch prime subs, if you’d rather give them some of amazon’s money), donating through twitch, or donating through ZNN’s paypal. All subs and donations between now and the end of August will go directly to Alps’ family.

If you have a story you would like to share about Alps or how his work affected you, and have it read on the stream, please leave a comment either here on this post, on the Zootopia subreddit, on the ZNN Discord, or email me directly at [email protected]. We will read as many as we can, in between messages from his direct friends and family.

We can’t express how much this loss has been felt by many, and hope that this will go a little ways towards helping his family in this trying time.

Until then, remebmer, as always

Try everything

-Andy Lagopus


  1. Any chance the live reading will be recorded for those of us who can’t attend? Time zone differences and all.

    • Yup! We will be posting a VOD on the ZNN Youtube channel, and will timestamp the different segments.

  2. Odd today was just about to settle down to start reading Guardian Blue AGAIN for about the 100’s time.
    So sorry to hear this news. But will be remembered through the stories and memories made.

    Also note ZNN’s paypal link showing “Something’s not right. This page doesn’t exist.”

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