Zootopia Makes IMDB’s Top 10 Walt Disney Animation Movies (By IMDB/Walt Disney Promos)


Top 10 lists may be something of a subjective matter, each individual can value very different things, after all. But that doesn’t make them any less popular. It’s a nice and clear-cut way of summing up people’s views on a certain topic, plus, it’s also fun to see how different people or groups may view said topic. Heck, that might even be part of the reason why, it’s nice to see all the different interpretationsIn the mind of each and every individual, the list can be entirely different.

IMDB recently published a top 10 list of Disney animated films based on votes by their users. Unsurprisingly, many of the classics made the list as well as some of the more recent films. And Zootopia even managed to snag the #2 spot right behind The Lion King! We all know how great that film is, but it’s still always great to see it being up there with Disney’s other all-time classics.

Check out the full result below or over on Twitter. Are you happy with where Zootopia ended up? What about the other Disney films on the list? Be sure to let us know.

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  1. Love all of these films. Funny that Frozen did not make the list. Glad that Aladdin is a close third 🙂

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