Video/Editorial: The Sloths Grab a Spot in MsMojo’s Top 10 Most Relatable Animated Movie Moments


Life is like a carousel. We all strive for those moments in life that are new and exciting. But more often than not the ride is one that comes with a lot of repetition and mundane responsibilities. We usually watch movies to try and escape from those mundane realities, but sometimes even in these realms of escapist fantasy, real life still manages to find a way to squeeze its way in.

And naturally, animated films are no exception to this rule as this video released by MsMojo makes apparent. Take a ride into the realm of the frustrating and the mundane as we explore some of the most annoyingly relatable moments in animated movies. Naturally, Zootopia managed to snag a spot thanks to the unbearably slow efforts of the sloths at the DMV. Thank you Flash and Prscilla for reminding us of our own suffering from enduring the slow crawl of the bureaucratic process. I hope it was worth this spot on the list.

Of course, there are other relatable moments to look out for as well. From the morning blues to that crush you might have had when you were younger, all these things and more are included. Which of the mentions did you find most relatable? Does that moment with the sloths at the DMV ring a bit too close to home for you? Or maybe one of the other scenes shown? Check out the video below and let us know.


  1. Absolutely loved this video/editorial! The inclusion of sloths in MsMojo’s Top 10 Most Relatable Animated Movie Moments is both hilarious and spot-on. Sloths always manage to steal the show with their slow and deliberate movements, and it’s fantastic to see them getting the recognition they deserve in the world of animated movies. Each sloth moment mentioned had me in stitches, reminding us of those times when we all can relate to slowing down and taking life at our own pace. Kudos to MsMojo for shedding light on these amusing and relatable scenes. Can’t wait to see fmovies what other relatable topics they dive into next!

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