Video: The Original Plot of Zootopia and the Tame Collar (By Davvid)


Greetings all you fine folk in the Zoootpia fandom. As much as we all love how the film turned out, many of you probably know that Zootopia was originally intended to have a much different story. I am referring of course, to the “Tame Collar” plot. There’s certainly a lot of details about it out there for the curious who are wondering what a cynical turn like that could’ve meant for the people of Zootopia. It’s a good question to ask though, just what if that had actually been the movie we got?

Well, that actual movie may never come to pass, but luckily, Davvid is more than happy to explain what it could’ve been like in their two-parter video discussing the development and plot of the original “Tame Collar” story. Sure is convenient to have all the details in one place instead of having to search the internet for all the different bits and pieces.

Curious about how that story played out? Maybe you’re wondering why they ended up scrapping it. Why not check out the videos yourself down below or over on YouTube and let us know just what you think of this original and much darker plot?


  1. I agree. WillFanofMany published a reconstructed video on Youtube about seven years ago. It had a length of about 80 minutes and lots of Disney internal stuff like imagery and videos, all combined together to one movie. No idea what other sources have been, especially to the story telling which had no images in particular.

    Really wondering why for seven years that video had not much attention.
    Btw. now the Youtube account is gone, and all regarding videos. 🙁
    Title was “Zootopia – Wilde Times Of The Tame Collar”.

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